France: Assaitou Billy Baldé a Guinean woman stabbed to death by her husband in Le Mans on Monday 2nd March 2020


On Monday morning, Aissatou Billy Baldé a 25-year-old woman died in Le Mans, stabbed a by her husband. The alleged murderer was able to flee.
According to a neighbour, this 25-year-old young woman arrived from Guinea-Conakry via Germany. She had been living in Le Mans for only two months.
The murder took place on Monday morning in the Sablons district. / © France Télévisions
settled in an apartment on the fourth floor of a building, in Sablons district, this mother of two young children aged 2 and 4 had contacted the Guinean Association of Sarthe to help her with her settlement.

A quarrel with her companion
On Sunday evening, according to the neighbourhood, a man, the husband with whom she wanted to part, also arrived from Germany and the two adults disputed. Aïcha, the young woman, would then have found refuge with a neighbour with her two little children.
On Monday morning, Aïcha went to take the four-year-old son to school and when he returned, she apparently met her husband in the apartment. The circumstances are still unclear and must be clarified by the investigators, but a neighbour says she heard screams and came to see the young woman. When she arrived near the apartment, she encountered a man running away and she then found the victim lying in the bathtub.
She was still alive but had been severely injured with one or more stab wounds.
“We are all shocked …”
By the time help arrived, the victim had unfortunately died.
“It’s shocking,” reacts a neighbour, “we are all women, mothers. We always say it happens to others and today it happens downstairs, on our landings. We are all devastated. We say to ourselves: could we have helped her, saved her. ”
Children entrusted to Child Welfare
In a press release, the Le Mans prosecution confirmed that “the first elements collected by the investigators lead us to assume that the death would be the result of the blows received during a violent fight, with a man who fled quickly. This individual is actively wanted by investigators from the Le Mans Police Station and the Regional Judicial Police Service of Angers, to whom the investigations are entrusted. The victim’s two young children aged 2 and 4, the first evidence of which suggests that they were not present at the time of the quarrel, were the subject of a Temporary Placement Order and immediately have been entrusted to Child Welfare. ”

The statement also said that the family situation had not called the attention of the prosecution to date.

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