Meeting of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution-FNDC on February 29th


After the Alpha Conde’s address to postpone the planned electoral process, NFDC held a big meeting to make a statement on Saturday 29th February 2020. Here is the statement
Declaration No: 073 / FNDC
The FNDC is delighted with the recognition by the entire international community of the legitimacy of the people’s struggle to preserve and consolidate the achievements of democracy and the rule of law in Guinea.

The FNDC thanks all its members and branches, as well as all the goodwill, who were kind enough to work to prevent our country from losing democracy and to prevent the risks of instability and insecurity in Guinea and in neighbouring countries.

The FNDC praise and thanks the partners of our country for their unanimous mobilization in favour of transparent and inclusive elections, respect for democratic rules, respect for human rights and individual freedoms, as well as in favour of a peaceful climate, pledges of peace and socio-economic development. It particularly welcomes the initiative of ECOWAS to send a high-level goodwill mission for a post-crisis dialogue.

The FNDC takes note of the postponement of the elections illegally and unilaterally planned by Mr Alpha CONDE, in violation of the Constitution, to offer a 3rd Term against the will of the People of Guinea.

However, not only does this postponement in no way respond to the legitimate request of the People to renounce the 3rd Mandate and the constitutional referendum, but also, it does not resolve the questions of inclusion, transparency and credibility of the electoral process.

In addition, the power of Mr Alpha CONDE, having lost all the confidence of the people of Guinea because of its strategy of division, deadly repression, intimidation, loot and impunity, corruption and manipulation, non-respect of its commitments, we must know that our struggle is far from over. Because the system and the current practices of this power do, that none of their promises is worthy of faith.

In this spirit, the FNDC:

• Calls all the Guinean populations to heighten vigilance and to redouble their efforts in mobilization with a view to pursuing with more intensity, peaceful resistance in accordance with paragraph 4 of Art. 21 of the Constitution;
• Calls for the immediate and unconditional departure of Mr Alpha CONDE from power for perjury and high treason;
• Calls for the continuation of peaceful demonstrations throughout the national territory until the end of the bloody dictatorship in Guinea;
• Calls on the defence and security forces to join the people’s struggle, the only option which establishes the legitimacy and legality of their acts;
• Expresses its support and solidarity with the comrades in struggle, kidnapped and still kidnapped in the jails as well as at the Soronkoni concentration camp; and exhorts them to more courage and strength, because the victory of the people is not far away. it demands their immediate and unconditional release.
• Welcomes the increasingly visible interest in the Guinean crisis by the international community, in particular ECOWAS, which has decided to send a high-level mission;
• Encourages the mission to help Guinea preserve the insufficient democratic gains and to organize free, transparent and inclusive elections
• Expresses its availability on the initiative of good offices and dialogue of ECOWAS Heads of State, as well as institutions of the international community;

• Consequently, the People of Guinea must get ready for intense peaceful demonstrations from Thursday, March 5 to obtain the departure of Mr Alpha CONDE and his mafia clan whose only purpose is to perpetuate the looting of the country’s resources.

Let’s unit and stand for our rights, we will win!
No 3rd term!
No Constitutional plot!

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