FNDC 3rd Act of active resistance: a teenager had been shot dead in Conakry and many wounded.

mamadou moussa barry

As usual Demonstrations against the modifications took place in Conakry and many areas in the country. It is called the 3rd Act of the active resistance. Protesters barricaded roads in many areas and clashes broke between protesters and security forces. Mamadou Moussa Barry, a blacksmith who is a 19 year old teenager had been shot dead in Cosa, a stronghold of the FNDC. According to his older brother he was reached by two bullets on the hip while trying to run away fired by gendarmes. In addition to that many wounded are recorded.
Civil disobedience against the constitutional coup has been widely followed by populations in several cities across the country. Nothing will stop the citizen resistance engaged against the 3rd term until the total abandonment of this illegal and inopportune project.
Despite the presence of defence and security forces, This Tuesday, January 28, the widespread protest continued more beautifully in several cities of the country including Conakry, Boké, Boffa, Dubreka, Tanéné, Kindia, Coyah, Kolabougni, Kamsar, N’zérékoré, Mamou, Pita, Dalaba, Labé, Koubia, Dabola, Dinguiraye, Fria, Kouriya, Sangarédi, Manéa, Gaoual, Lelouma and Koundara. All administrative and commercial activities have been totally or partially paralyzed in these localities. The situation was particularly tense in the prefectures of Kindia and Dubréka, more precisely in Tanènè where the defence and security forces violently repressed the demonstrations by using weapons of war. A 19-year-old boy was killed last night in cosa. There were four (4) gunshot wounds including Ousmane Camara shot at foot in Dubréka and three others in Kolama and Dixinn. Several people were also arrested among them Ousmane Gaoual Diallo secretary general of UFDG section of Negueyah (km5 Dubreka).
For the FNDC, all these abuses constitute yet another reason which justifies the need to continue the fight to prevent the perpetuation of this regime. Citizen resistance continues tomorrow Wednesday January 29 across the country. Together united and united, we will win.
FNDC: “Nothing will stop citizen resistance … It continues this Wednesday throughout the country”

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