SLECG strike: teachers’ union negotiators General Ablaye Portos Diallo and Amara Mansa kidnapped by the gendarmerie in Kaloum.


After an invitation addressed to the national executive office by the government through Mr Komara, Minister of Labour, Technical Education and Vocational Training; the executive office responded massively to the invitation accompanied by members of the executive office of the USTG. Government officials called for the strike to be suspended to open negotiations; the negotiators demanded the release of their comrades arrested, including certain members of the bureau who must take part in the negotiations as a prerequisite for any negotiation. The government on their side promised to return to the union in the coming hours or days before leaving. On their way back home, comrades General Abdoulaye Portos Diallo first deputy secretary general of the SLECG executive office and Amara Mansa Doumbouya ex-office member of the national executive office and member of the SLECG communication unit were followed by a pick-up of hooded agents who hit their motorbike from behind before stopping them. The two were captured, handcuffed and hooded on the spot so that they would not be recognized or stared at by those who saw the scene. First they were transported to a known location, then to the central police station in Matam before being transferred to Mafanco Court. Immediately, the lawyer of SLECG Me Salifou Beavogui was seized to follow the file, unexpectedly the comrades were transferred to the central Prison of Conakry.

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