Guinea-Bissau Supreme Court rejected the appeals of Domingos Simoes Pereira


The Supreme Court of Guinea-Bissau rejected the appeals of the camp of the unsuccessful presidential candidate and authorized the publication of the final results, paving the way for the formalization of the victory of Umaro Sissoco Embalo, according to a ruling consulted on Sunday.
Mr Embalo, 47, collected 53.55% of the votes in the second round on December 29, ahead of the candidate of the historic and dominant Party, Domingos Simoes Pereira, credited with 46.45% of the votes according to the still provisional results communicated by the National Election Commission (CNE).
Mr Pereira’s party, which largely won the first round but was served by the rallying of its opponents behind Mr Embalo, challenged these results before the Supreme Court. His camp denounces ballot stuffing for the benefit of Mr Embalo as well as the concealment of votes at the expense of Mr Pereira.
The Supreme Court dismissed the appeals and “authorizes the CNE to publish the final results,” said the judgment.
If they do not decide on the official winner of the election, it should remain Mr Embalo, said a source close to the court.
No date has been set for the publication of the final results.
Observers estimated that the presidential election was held in order.
One of the major challenges of this presidential election was the stability of this small West African country of 1.8 million inhabitants in a state of permanent political crisis. It is essential for the reforms necessary to combat the ills of this former Portuguese colony located between Senegal, Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean: poverty, corruption, cocaine trafficking from South America and bound for Europe.

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