Eleven SLECG trade unionists arrested by police and questioned at Matam police station.


Eleven SLECG officials, led by Aboubacar Soumah, were arrested on Saturday, January 11, 2020. They were arrested at Bonfi high school and taken to the central police station in Matam,
When contacted by phone, Maître Salifou Béavogui, the union lawyers, described the circumstances of their arrest. “They heard that the headmaster of Bonfi’s high school, Alhassane Bérété, had a teacher from his school undressed in front of the students because he followed the strike call launched by the SLECG.
This is how the national SLECG office sent a delegation to go and check up. But when the members of this delegation arrived at this school, the police came to arrest them and took them to the central police station in Matam.
But their lawyer is already “vigorously protesting against these arrests.‟ In our turn, we will file a complaint against Alhassane Bérété, the Headmaster of Bonfi High school, for having endeavoured to publicly humiliate a teacher in front of his students this Saturday morning and for violence and threats against a teacher, because he is the one who is responsible for everything that happened, , Me Salifou Béavogui, just demanded the release of his clients who, according to him, are responsible trade unionists who are in the exercise of their right which is of defending the right of teachers. ” Said Salifou Béavogui.

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