General Umaro Sissoco Embalo denounces the Fulani genocide in progress in Guinea Conakry.


General Umaro Sissoco Embalo vigorously denounced the “bloody” repression of the socio-political demonstrations in Conakry.
Recently elected president of Guinea Bissau, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, takes a dim view of the presence of ECOWAS forces in his country. He asserts that the Bissau-Guinean defence and security forces are better placed to ensure the security of the territory.
Guinea Bissau will never again be a banana republic where anyone does anything. I will categorically refuse it. Guinea Bissau will never be a place of mess. There is no danger in this country today, ” he said in the midst of the presidential election.
Before pointing out: ‘’ We see ECOWAS troops everywhere. We have a republican army and police. If we could equip Guinea Bissau’s defence and security forces, it’s better than importing others from neighbouring countries. There are jihadist problems in Burkina, Niger, Mali, why can’t we mobilize all these forces to go and fight there? ”.
He said he did not understand why the ECOWAS is deploying troops in Bissau by turning a blind eye to the situation in Guinea. ‟I am very sad with the behaviour of the ECOWAS Commission. And, I respect a lot, fortunately the President in office of ECOWAS who is a man to whom I have a lot of affection. But we cannot accept having a country which is carrying out genocide. In Guinea Conakry, protesters are even killed in cemeteries. ECOWAS did not say anything about it. ” He said.
“How is it possible that a president who has spent 50 years in the opposition is kills, massacres demonstrators?”, He asked, saying he was disappointed with the tenant of Sékhoutouréyah: ” President Alpha Condé, I know him very well. I helped him a lot during his campaign, but he disappointed me. Why killing people, even in cemeteries? ’’He denounces.
‘’ With his age, he is still asking for a third term. This is not normal. The time has come for youth. He’s our grandfather. He must retire, ’’ said the former Prime Minister, who became President of the Republic of Guinea Bissau.

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