Teachers’ strike: two youngsters shot dead by the police this Thursday in Conakry.

binta et alpha oumar

Fatoumata Binta Diallo, a 12th grade student shot dead in Hamdallaye and Elhadj Mamadou Diallo also shot dead in Wanindara, Ratoma commune. Elhadj Mamadou Diallo a 21 years old young man, from Kankalabé (Dalaba) was on vacation in Conakry and should return to Spain where he lives next Monday.
Fatoumata Binta Diallo, 18, a 12th grade student at Salim school group in Dar es Salaam, was shot and killed on Thursday in Hamdallaye district, in Kabalaya district. Her father Mamadou Maka Diallo explains how his daughter was killed.
“She left school at 2 p.m. She found that everyone was in the house. She knocked on the door. I opened up and asked her where she was. Afterwards, she ate. Her aunt tells her to go buy water. It was there that they shot her in the chest. She died on the way to the hospital.”
Her father said that her daughter’s body is in Sino Guinea Hospital.
This strike starts at a time of a political crisis against the will of the power to change the constitution. An idea that the FNDC, which has been demonstrating since October 14th opposes.

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