FNDC held the last and Ultimatum protest march against the modification of constitution in Guinea.

FNDC Utimatum march

This ultimatum protest march took place on Monday 6th January 2020 in Conakry and many other towns in Guinea. Everywhere there were notable mobilisations.
After draining an impressive crowd from Tannery to the Esplanade of September 28 stadium, FNDC leaders focused their talks on preparations for what they presented as major axes from January 13th. They gave President Alpha Condé ultimatum of six days to renounce his plan for a new constitution, declaring that he has perjured since he made public his plan for a new constitution, thereby violating the current one which he has nevertheless sworn (twice) to defend and protect.
It was with strong speeches that the leaders of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC) closed the ultimatum march, organized on Monday, January 06, 2020. It was the very first demonstration of this year and ” it is the last peaceful march “under the Alpha Condé regime, warned former Prime Minister Sidya Touré, who participated in part of this demonstration before his departure for the Ivorian capital.
Sékou Koundouno of the FNDC then advised the Guineans and foreigners living in our country to stock up food and get ready for a fight which could be long, “since it must lead to victory”. Sékou Koundouno clarified that the current head of state still has the opportunity to avoid instability in Guinea: “He has six days to give up his project”, he said, launching a final request to Professor Alpha Condé to abandon his plan to continue to rule Guinea by promising to organize free and transparent elections and above all to leave power at the end of his current mandate.
Ibrahima Diallo, the FNDC’s operations manager, will ask the officials and activists of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution to continue the fight if they happen to be (still) arrested or even killed. “Do not take care of our corpses, continue the fight until the final victory,” he said, in a firm tone.
Speaking in Mandingo, Elhadj Ibrahima Diallo of PEDN, a member of the FNDC, welcomed the strong mobilization and asked the Guineans to continue the fight. Lansana Kouyaté’s close associate denounced Alpha Condé’s governance and explained the need to fight the project of a new constitution that would secure a third term for President Alpha Condé. “It is not a struggle of Fulani or Mandingo, it is a struggle of the people of Guinea,” he said.
As for the national coordinator of the FNDC he believes that President Alpha Condé no longer has legitimacy at the head of the Republic of Guinea since his declaration on Thursday, December 19, 2019, announcing a new constitution. Abdourahmane Sanoh did not hide the intention of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution to request the departure of the current president from January 13. “We will use all legal means, all the means that the Constitution gives us to remove him,” said the national coordinator of the FNDC.

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