Guinea: Alpha Oumar Diallo, journalist and administrator of the site”Vérité 224.com” kidnapped by the police on Wednesday January 8th, 2020 in Conakry.


Alpha Oumar Diallo, journalist and administrator of the “Vérité 224.com” site, was allegedly “kidnapped” by agents of the Central Office of the Judicial Police. Instead of a summons, our colleague was forcibly taken to the premises of the DPJ to be questioned over the publication of an article on a Sextape case.

“I was trapped. I received a call from a gentleman, a stranger, who told me that he had urgent information to give me. He said he wanted to meet me as soon as possible. I accepted, as long as we ended up in a public place. I went to town afterwards, precisely to Kaloum Bluezone. We saw each other and told me that he had a file that concerned Orabank. He sent me an email with empty content. When I told him that the file was not attached, he asked me to go with him in his car so that he could transfer the document to me. I initially refused, but he insisted that it is important. Immediately afterwards, I saw three police officers, one in plain clothes, came towards me. They asked me to follow them. I refused to comply even though they gave me a summons. I screamed so that everyone would know it was a kidnapping. Despite everything, they brought me to the DPJ, “testified our colleague Alpha Oumar Diallo.
After several minutes of hearing, our colleague was made available to his lawyer. Alpha Oumar Diallo was also scheduled to return this Thursday morning for further questioning.
Our frequent attempts to cross-check this information with the Central Office of the Judicial Police have so far been unsuccessful.

Source : Africaguinee.com

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