UFDG Headquarter as well as houses and shops of its activists had been looted by Alpha Condé’s militia in Kankan.

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UFDG headquarters in Kankan, as well as houses and businesses belonging to activists of the main opposition party in the country, were attacked and looted on Monday, January 6th, 2020. According to a political party official these attacks caused significant material damages.
UFDG activists chased by RPG supporters armed with machetes. Very early in the morning, well-organized and simultaneous attacks took place in the predominantly supporters of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) headquarter. The violent attacks took place in the locality of Missira. Suspected supporters of RPG looted the headquarters of the UFDG, shops owned by UFDG activists.
The attackers ransacked everything. According to a resident, young people armed with clubs and machetes were currently chasing alleged supporters of the UFDG and the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC).
“They attack everything. I have counted at least twenty shops that have been vandalized. The young rascals had the freedom to do all that. The police did not intervene to prevent them. They came to my wife’s place to destroy everything. They say my wife is a militant UFDG. Fortunately, people have calmed them down by just saying that it is a restaurant to serve people food, “said an official.
In Missira district, it’s a fear and psychosis; the inhabitants are hiding at home. For several months, opponents of the regime in this prefecture have been denouncing violence by militiamen supported by the prefectural authorities.
The violence is reminiscent of the violence that took place between two presidential rounds in 2010 when citizens from Middle Guinea were attacked in Siguiri and Kouroussa.
Attack against UFDG headquarters in Kankan: here is the hot reaction from Cellou Dalein
From Conakry where he took part in the FNDC protest march, the president of UFDG reacted. “Today, before leaving, he (Alpha Condé), instructed RPG activists in Kankan to destroy the headquarters of the UFDG and to attack the shops and stores belonging to people supposed to belong to UFDG and some do not even belong to the UFDG, “said Cellou Dalein. Cellou Dalein Diallo condemned the attacks while refraining from any call for revenge.
Kankan Sotikèmö kali Cherif condemns violence, requests forgiveness of victims.
The sotikèmö of Kankan – 2nd city of the country and traditional stronghold of the RPG, party in power – castigated Monday the violence that occurred on Monday in Mobil, in the city centre, opposing young rivals. This violence caused the sacking of shops and the headquarters of the main Guinean opposition party, UFDG In the region.

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