Guinean opposition decides to prevent the holding of legislative elections.


Guinean opposition announces that they will not participate in Legislative elections under current conditions and that they will even prevent their holding on February 16th, 2020. They said so after a plenary meeting held on Monday, December 23, 2019.
Held at UFDG headquarters in Hamdallaye CBG, this meeting brought together all of the leaders of the Guinean opposition. After a closed session which lasted about 3 hours, the opponents of Alpha Condé allowed Cellou Dalein Diallo, the leader of the Guinean opposition, to report their meeting to the press. According to him, the opposition “began by taking note of the announcement by Mr Alpha Condé to change our constitution. They examined the state of preparations for the legislative elections and realized after the discussions that we are rather preparing an electoral masquerade.
First, at the level of the revision of the electoral file, you all followed that there was a unlimited enrolment of minors and there were severe obstructions against the enlisting of Guinean citizens who had the right to be enrolled. It is obvious that this electoral file will not reflect the state of the Guinean electorate: people who do not have the right have been massively enlisted; the people who have the right have not been authorized to be enlisted on the electoral file. And, we have decided that we cannot participate and we cannot accept that an election based on this file be organized, because it will not reflect the will of our people who, under our laws, have the right to choose their representatives”.
Cellou Dalein points out that this is not a boycott of the legislative elections. Rather, it is to prevent the holding of the election until a number of conditions are met. “This is not about boycotting; we are going to prevent these elections from taking place until the conditions for a fair and impartial vote are met. Among these conditions, there are several but specifically there is the electoral file:
There must be an electoral file that faithfully reflects the state of the electorate and that Guineans who have the right to choose their deputies be registered and those who do not have the right be removed from the electoral file. Secondly, local elections must be completed. Thirdly, there must be a competent, neutral and impartial CENI president skilled of running this important institution, “said Cellou Dalein Diallo.
The last condition that the opposition poses to go to the legislative elections is the new constitution project giving up by president Alpha Condé, which would allow him to run for a third term in 2020.

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