President Alpha Condé announces officially a New Constitution Draft.

alpha conde

This is an announcement from the head of state, Alpha Condé. A constitution draft has already been drawn up. The document, after consultations organized by the Prime Minister, was sent to the President of the National Assembly and to the Constitutional Court. The two institutions have given their opinions.
In an address to the nation on Thursday evening, December 19, Guinean President Alpha Condé announced his intention to submit the draft of a new Constitution to a referendum, despite the hostility of the opposition and civil society.
No date has been announced for the vote, but the head of state said the text of the new constitution is already written. It was handed over to the Minister of Justice after validation by the Parliament and the Constitutional Court.
“For some time, the debate on the advisability, the need to endow the Republic of Guinea with a new Constitution to replace that of May 7, 2010 has been heard in our country,” said Alpha Condé. In view of the fundamental nature and having regard to the recommendations expressed by the head of government, I have instructed the Minister of Justice, responsible for relations with republican institutions, to take the measures to establish a draft Constitution along the lines recommendations made by all the actors who took part in the consultations. ”
“After having received the favourable opinion of the president of the National Assembly, I seized the Constitutional Court of a request for opinion of conformity of the step. After examining the draft Constitution by the Constitutional Court and receiving its assent, I have decided to publish the content of the text,” continued the Guinean president. This project will be widely spread before its adoption by the sovereign people. I have instructed the Minister of State, Minister of Justice, and all the other ministerial departments concerned to organize detailed explanations on the main articulations of the draft new Constitution. This must allow the population to appropriate the content and the power to express themselves for or against all knowledge of the facts. ”
Alpha Condé, elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2015, once again refrained from declaring, during a television speech, whether he was expected to seek his own succession at the end of 2020 after the end of his current term, as the intention is largely attributed to him. For weeks, Guinea has been the scene of mass demonstrations against a revision of the Constitution.

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