FNDC women protest against the killings of youths during political demonstrations.


FNDC women’s march: “We are here to say stop the killings of our children,” they cry.
The Women of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC) were in the streets of Conakry on Thursday, December 12, 2019. The demonstrators fed up with the deadly violence during socio-political demonstrations in Guinea demanded justice on the killings. The march, programmed from of Hamdallaye Roundabout to the esplanade of the stadium of Dixinn, mobilized a compact crowd of women political parties and civil society. These women met the roundabout of Hamdallaye, in the municipality of Ratoma. For this other march of FNDC women they were all dressed in white, and demonstrated against the killings of their children shot dead during or after on social and political protests.
Honourable Aissata Daffé of the Union of Republican Forces (UFR), explained the anger that lead women before they know they will go to the end of the fight against impunity. “We will continue to launch our cry of heart for the national and international opinion despite the indifference of the authorities because injustice must stop in Guinea. And if our marches do not succeed, we have several other strategies. As a woman, you bear nine months pregnancy before you give birth. The child grows up and when he is ready to become someone, you see this child shot down banally without justice. It hurts a lot and it’s hard to support. That’s why all these women gathered here today to say stop the killings of our children”, she said.
‟we are marching because we are fed up to see our children killed under the age of 20, we are mourning. what do they want in this country?, This country is serious, they do not hear, they do not see, but we will march, we will march until justice is done for our children killed in this country”, said another protester.
Mrs Safiatou Diallo has a shocked heart which is full of sorrows because she lost two of her children killed in protests in Conakry.
This Thursday, December 12, 2019, alongside the demonstration against the impunity organized in the Guinean capital, she gave a pathetic testimony.
“I am concerned; two of my children were killed during this Alpha Condé’s regime. The first one is called Boubacar Bah, the other is Ismael Bah, “she says before bursting into tears.
“If Alpha Condé’s power is like this, we humbly ask him to step down. Enough is enough,” she added.
Hadja Halimatou Dalein Diallo, first wife of the opposition leader, was among the demonstrators on Thursday in Conakry against “the assassinations of young people during political demonstrations”.
At the esplanade of September 28 stadium demonstrators made a statement.
The opponent Hadja Halimatou expressed feelings of outrage and revolt. “I’m here to walk with my sisters, to tell the government to stop killing our children, to never say that again. We are sad, we are tired. We walk because we are repressed, we walk because we are excluded, we walk to demand justice for our children. We are walking so that the laws are respected in this country, so that impunity is stopped in this country, “she said.
According to her, there is an inexpressible impunity in Guinea. This is why, she concluded, we are going to demonstrate until Alpha Condé hears us.

Mamadou Saliou Diallo.

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