Guinea: NDI Delegation met the opposition leaders and the representative of the ruling party and its allies.

opposition meeting with NDI delagation

The international mission assesses the preparations for the parliamentary election and continues its series of meetings. After the opposition, Goodluck Jonathan and Nicephore Soglo had a private talk with CODENOC, which showed its determination to go to the legislative elections on February 16th.
On Tuesday after the meeting with this mission of NDI and Kofi Annan Foundation, Cellou Dalein Diallo the leader of the Guinean opposition talked about the message delivered by the FNDC’s political parties.
‟We talked about the situation in Guinea because you know that the country has been in crisis for almost 10 years; but, above all, since the holding of local elections. A serious crisis with the promotion of the 3rd term, you attend demonstrations repressed in the blood, all this worried the international community.
So, it thought that it should send two well-behaved former presidents – to try to find out what is going on and maybe they will consider steps and initiatives to get Guinea out of the crisis because we are members of ECOWAS. And then, by their presence, they prove that after power, there is a life, there are honours, consideration, responsibilities that are very interesting. They came and listened to us.
Naturally, we did not fail to share with them our concerns, the differences that exist between the government and us. First, the non-completion of local elections, the bad organization of local elections, and of course compared to the 3rd term. We explained well and they seem to understand. They are patriotic Africans, who obviously want to contribute to the setting of democracy and the rule of law.
They came for a series of consultations. We gave them all the information we have. We will see. I am convinced that they will meet the authorities. After that, they will decide what to do … I do not think they are here only on their behalf. They are here on behalf of a good part of the international community. I think that after reading everyone’s reading of the situation, since they listened to the civil society, the members of the FNDC today, they listened to the FNDC’s political parties; they will listen to the ruling parties and they will not fail to make proposals.
The process records the difficulties on the ground, but they are not insurmountable, according to RPG and its allies.
“There are difficulties, but they are not insurmountable. The different obstacles are being overcome gradually. We are ready to go to the elections next February because they are time to put an end to this situation of institutional anomaly that represents the National Assembly which has lost its legitimacy for almost a year. So we must go to the legislative elections, “says the spokesman of the government.
The arrival of former Nigerian and Beninese presidents in Guinea to assess preparations for the February 16 legislative elections has, however, raised criticism. Received by Goodluck Jonathan and Nicephore Soglo, the democratic coalition for the new constitution lamented the fact that authorities were informed beforehand.
“Basically it’s a good mission, but in form when to mobilize heads of state, NDI may be a globally recognized institution that has accompanied the Guinean electoral process for a long time, but NDI is not an NGO. So when it organizes such a mission and is accompanied by heads of state, it is normally with the approval of the authorities of the country, the President of the Republic and his government. I blame NDI. It was out of courtesy that we came to these meetings, but the form was much missed, “said Aboubacar Sylla the spokesman of CODENOC.

Mamadou Saliou Diallo

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