Guinea: FNDC 6th big demonstration in Conakry against a probable 3rd term for Alpha Condé.

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A few days after their release, FNDC Leaders attended their first demonstration with citizens.
As usual in Conakry, protesters marched many kilometres Tannerie roundabout to the esplanade of 28 September stadium in a cheerful atmosphere.
From the request of the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution, which brings together most of the civil society and the political opposition, a compact crowd invaded the streets of the capital Conakry this Tuesday, December 10. Protesters walked from the Tannerie roundabout to the 28-September stadium esplanade in a good-natured atmosphere, before dispersing without any clash.
The esplanade of 28-September stadium is marked once more by the setting sun and the red t-shirts. FNDC achieved its performance 6. It is the 6th call to protest since the beginning of the movement two months ago. But this is the first time that civil society leaders have been marching since their release.
Local NFDC representatives held demonstrations in other towns in the country such as Mamou, Fria, Koundara, Dalaba, Pita and Labe. According to the government, these demonstrations took place without any major incident. Only in Pita where local authorities were insulted protesters.

“Prison has strengthened us,” says Bill de Sam. “It has allowed us to understand that when we are on the right way, the wicked jail us. So we are ready to return, as many times as they need, in the context of claiming our rights. ”
Abdourahmane Sanoh says “I am happy and proud to be here to reinforce the work done by our colleagues while we were sequestered by Alpha Conde. We were there while having our minds towards the dead, the wounded and those who are in prison. We tell our friends who are in prison to hold on, we are here for them and we dedicate this march to all those we lost in the fight for democracy.
This useless debate related to a new constitution will not continue while the Guineans do not have enough to eat and young people are unemployed.
We will put an end to this desire to tamper with our constitution. We will turn the dream of the new constitution promoters into a nightmare.
I especially finish by saying thanks to the people of Guinea, because the fight continues until the victory. ”
Several FNDC activists remain imprisoned, including the FNDC coordinator for Kindia, Alseny Farinta Camara and four of his companions, whose trial verdict is expected by December 19.
Several activists remain incarcerated, including the FNDC coordinator for Kindia, Alseny Farinta Camara and four of his comrades, whose trial verdict is expected by December 19.
In the streets of Conakry, bikers chained with perilous acrobatics, some sprinkle with water to withstand the heat It was a cheerful and peaceful demonstration. With this protest march FNDC demonstrates that its mobilization capacity stands the forever.

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