In a Statement Guinean Opposition Calls for Immediate Stop of Voter Enlistment Process.


The political parties of the Guinean opposition have denounced this Thursday, December 5, 2019 the irregularities that taint the operation of enlistment of voters started in recent weeks.
On this, the Guinean opposition has in a declaration called for an immediate cessation of the process of enlisting voters.
Here is the declaration delivered by the opposition parties:
Enlistment pictures of minors under 10 years old in the Caerles, found in the strongholds close to the RPG, are common knowledge. They have been widely distributed on social networks in recent days. These images are shocking and reflect the manifest intention of the power to fill the miners’ file for the only purpose of securing the third term, either by referendum or legislative elections. The release of the President of the CENI on December 1, 2019 all the more reassured that we have witnessed the intensification of these fraudulent practices since then. It is these same fraudulent practices that allowed President Alpha Condé to be re-elected in 2015. The enlistment of minors that we see in the current revision is exceptional in its scale and its discriminatory nature. These practices are likely to considerably weaken the foundations of the state and constitute, with state violence, the main means of the current regime to remain in power.
Therefore, as in previous elections, the power of Alpha Condé prepares an electoral masquerade using a process enamelled many irregularities including among others:
– Enlistment reduced to 25 days while the electoral code provides for 3 months. 25 days to enlist those who have reached the legal voting age since 2015 (last date of the revision of the list of electors); write off all deceased electors and those who are unduly registered; and proceed, exceptionally for this revision, to the re-enrolment of 6,042,643 voters who are already in the database, in accordance with the main recommendation of the audit report of the electoral roll.
– The sending in the strongholds deemed close to the power of the commissioners representing the RPG to the CENI with the support of the subordinated Administration allowed the census without restraint of the minors whose scandalous images flooded the social networks.
– The opportunist visit of Alpha Conde in Upper Guinea from the opening of the enrolment period. His campaign-style rhetoric was heard by his party’s executives and their helpers in the administration as a call to carry out the usual low practices on the electoral process by giving them even greater scope.
– The many difficulties recorded in field revision operations. More particularly in the fiefs considered close to the opposition: late arrival and frequent breakdowns of the kits, significant delays in the start of operations in several CAERLE, insufficiency and sometimes lack of equipment and consumables (organized breakdown of receipts) with risks on Enrolment related to the non-issuance of receipts that are evidence of an inscription on the electoral list. These acts discredit the CENI and certainly predict electoral or post-election conflicts with unforeseeable consequences.
That is why, in the interest of preserving social peace, we call for the cessation of the on-going process in order to take concerted corrective measures necessary to make the next elections more credible.
The opposition reiterates its firm will to work for the consolidation of democracy and reaffirms its determination to demand that the conditions of transparency be met for the organization of the next elections. It also recalls the need to implement the recommendations contained in the audit report of the electoral roll. The political parties of the opposition invite all Guineans to remain mobilized to defeat the power’s will to confiscate the votes of the voters.

Conakry, Thursday 05th December 2019.

Mamadou Saliou Diallo

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