Guinea: Enrolment children on the electoral register.


The process leading to the organization of a transparent election on February 16 is already biased. Nothing is sure!
Many minor children who have not yet reached the age of voting (18 years old) may end up in the electoral register.
Boys and girls under 14 had been enlisted by census takers in Kankan and Siguiri, a bastion of the ruling party RPG and allies. On social networks photos showed many enrolled children and others at census centres in RPG strongholds.
The same practices are denounced in the fiefs of the UFDG by the RPG. The two rivals accuse each other.
On Saturday, October 30th, Cellou Dalein Diallo denounced the “chaotic” process of the whole process.
The leader of the UFDG also spoke of “sabotage” orchestrated by the electoral body, the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).
For the moment, the electoral institution has not reacted to these accusations.
Those who opposed to the census of minors were arrested in Coyah and Maneah.
The technical assistant of UFDG was arrested, auditioned at Kankan police station for denouncing with the evidence of the registration of children in Kankan.
“I was arrested this morning at 9:00 am in the Missira neighbourhood at the neighbourhood chief. Two days ago, I received information that minors are registered and they got up at 4am to register the citizens in the registration cards. So today, I decided to go check. I actually found it true. I took pictures of all the minors who were there. There had been many, girls as minor boys. When I finished taking the photos, while leaving the group of young people came to attack me. They wanted me to take my phone, I refused. We fought and they tore up my clothes.
A police chief warrant officer who works at Kankan Regional Security arrived there by chance. When he checked the photos on my phone, I was asked why I photographed these children. I told him that had to stop enlisting the minors. I took the pictures to show what is happening on the ground in Kankan. The young people who attacked me said that they would will kill me and I replied that I was not afraid of anything and that I will continue to work against the census of minors because it was part of my mission.
The policeman seized my bike. They escorted me to the area chief where his second was waiting for him. There they questioned me too. I told them that I have a mission order. Then they took me to the regional security of Kankan. They sent me to the post for another audition. Meanwhile the officials of the federal office of UFDG Party rushed to join me there. I was auditioned in the office of the Regional Director of Police. I’m not totally free.
Mamadou Saliou Diallo.

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