Guinea: after six weeks, the opponents of the referendum remain determined.

FNDC Guinea

The draft of new Constitution that could pave the way for a possible third term of President Alpha Conde still arouses hostility. They marched all day, to the sound of reggae, along the 13km between Tannerie roundabout and the 28th September stadium. For a month and a half, and despite the imprisonment of these leaders, NDFC, which brings together the bulk of the opposition and civil society, has been pounding streets against the proposed referendum. Demonstrations that have already killed about 20 people according to the opposition. But this time, the organizers decided to comply with the itinerary authorized by the authorities and the march was uneventful. It is a procession more elastic and less dense than the previous times, but composed of militants still determined. ” I am not tired. Whenever the FNDC makes a call, I will go out. This is the system that must be uprooted for a new Guinea. ” “The only voice of appeal, protest, expression of our discontent is the demonstrations, we have no other recourse. ” No incidents reported on the course, including the service of order that keeps the distance between security forces, and protesters. Meanwhile census operations continue for the legislative elections, scheduled for February 2020. “They want to distract people with the elections, we will not be distracted. It’s a citizen right, I’m going to vote. But it is a diversion because it violated the calendar; he had to organize legislative elections a very long time ago. He has not finished installing ward councils. We are vigilant. ” During a tour in Forest Guinea and then Upper Guinea, which seemed to be an election campaign last week, President Alpha Condé urged new voters to register

Source : RFI

Mamadou Saliou Diallo

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