The Civil Society and Trade Unions organize a new strike in Guinea.


The Civil Society and CNTG-USTG Trade Unions launched a three-day strike this Wednesday to protest against the price increase of fuel. As a recall the liter of fuel was 8,000 GNF but on Sunday the guinean government set it to 10,000 GNF without any consultation and agreement with the the trade unions. This strike is almost followed in the whole country mainly in Conakry were clashes occured in many areas.
Mamady Mansaré, spokesman for the CNTG-USTG made the tone tougher on the side of the union on Wednesday. The spokesman of inter-central CNTG-USTG promised on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 that their strike will continue until the satisfaction of their claims. Unions essentially demand a reduction in the price of fuel at the pump. Amadou Diallo, the Secretary General of the National Confederation of Workers of Guinea, and his comrades, demand the maintenance of the price of fuel at 8,000 GNF.   “We are ready to respond to the call for negotiations. First we ask for the return to the starting point of the price of fuel and gegotiations from there could open. The strike will not be suspended until the satisfaction of our demands. The law says once that you have filed the strike notice you are obliged to be at the bargaining table but to continue the strike as provided by law, “said the spokesman of the inter- Central CNTG-USTG, Mamadou Mansaré . The Guinean Government justifies this increase by raising the price of a barrel internationally. The Guinean government continued to subsidize fuel to avoid any increase, which created a large deficit in public finances.

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