Ibrahima Kassory Fofana Appointed new Prime Minister in Guinea.


Five days after the resignation of Prime Minister Mamadi Youla and his government, Guinean President Alpha Conde has appointed a new head of government in the person of Ibrahima Kassory Fofana. An economist by training, Kassory Fofana is a well-known Guinean personality.
A senior civil servant in the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of Planning in the 1980s and 1990s, Kassory Fofana first joined the government in 1996 with the appointment of Sidya Toure as Prime Minister. It was the day after a mutiny of a part of the army, February 2 and 3, 1996. He then held the position of Minister of Budget and Restructuring of the parapublic sector. He will remain there two years before becoming an all-powerful Minister of Economy and Finance by the grace of General Lansana Conte.

He was sacked two years later, in 2000, and opted for a voluntary exile in Senegal and then in the United States.

Back in Guinea, he set up his own political party called”Guinea for All”, which he conducted himself for the 2010 presidential election and obtained 0.66% of the votes cast. Decisively in the radical opposition, he was very virulent vis-à-vis Alpha Condé and his regime before returning to better feelings.

Last Friday, he signed an “absorption” alliance between his party and the ruling party, Rassemblement du peuple de Guinée (RPG) party and asked its activists and leaders at all levels to adhere unconditionally to the RPG.

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