UFDG Activist Ibrahima Sory Camara of Dabondy was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

ibrahima sory camara dabondy

Ibrahima Sory Camara, an activist from Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), was sentenced Monday (April 9th). Thecourt of Mafanco , which was sitting for the case in Kaloum CITY, found him guilty of “defamation, insult” against Alpha Conde the head of state. Ibrahima Sory Camara of Dabondy was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and the payment of one symbolic franc.
His lawyers say they are surprised for the decision and announce that they will appeal. “We take note of this judicial decision. We said in the courtroom that we are appealing and this will be materialized in the minutes that follow, “said Master Salifou Beavogui, who adds that they will fight to get their client’s release. “We will continue the procedure at the Court of Appeal of Conakry to get the discharge of our client. We accept the decision as such, but we will attack it before the higher court which is the court of appeal, “said the man in the lawyer gown.
“We believe that the law was not said in this case. But as this is only a first instance, we are heading towards the court of appeal. Since the law allows us to appeal, that’s what we’re going to do, “says Master Béavogui.

His political party is talking an instrumentalization of justice especially since according to the UFDG, several activists of the ruling party have made more dangerous statements than those made by Ibrahima Sory Camara. They even threatened to burn markets in Conakry. A few days later MADINA market took fire but nobody knew the origin of it.

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