Guinean opposition Leader Cellou Dalein suspends street protests after meeting with Alpha Condé.


The leader of the Guinean opposition had a private talk with the President of the Republic in Sékhoutouréyah on Monday 2nd . The meeting with Alpha Condé and Cellou Dalein Diallo lasted nearly 3 hours. Discussions between the opposition leader and the head of state led to the suspension of opposition demonstrations. The two personalities agreed on the establishment of a committee to monitor the political agreements. The Prime Minister promised to challenge Alpha Conde on compensation or assistance to those who lost loved ones, to those whose properties were vandalized or destroyed by extremists of the RPG with the complicity of the defense and security forces. . The issues related to the establishment of a new NIEC (National Independant Electoral Commission), the audit of the electoral register, that the establishment of the High Court of Justice is also addressed by the tenant of Sékhoutouréyah and his guest.

The president of UFDG was optimistic. ” We had long and frank discussions. I was able to express freely my concerns and defend the demands of the opposition in general. And, I think I have been heard. Now, let’s wait and see the application. Also what the monitoring committee gives to the request of the President of the Republic regarding the claims of the opposition in the local elections that took place on February 4, “he said. But Cellou Dalein Diallo’s most popular announcement was about the suspension of political demonstrations. “The demonstrations that were scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and the following days are suspended until the monitoring committee can propose the solution for the publication of real results and the return of the votes that were taken away during the centralization . For now, we are suspending the demonstrations until we see what is the result that the monitoring committee will reserve for the President’s reuest, “he announced, without specifying the date on which the monitoring committee would meet.
After the opposition leader , Alpha Conde is meeting his ruling party RPG and allies today.

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