Opposition women organized a protest to demand justice for the killed people during political demonstrations.

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nitiated by the women of the Guinean opposition, hundreds of Guinean women of all sensitivity dressed in white and red headscarves on their heads, marched on Wednesday, 28 March 2018 in the streets of Kaloum to protest the police repression and denounce the complicit silence of the judiciary. They carried signs, but also horrible photos of people shot dead on Wednesday, March 14.
Opposition women held their demonstration in front of the Ministry of Justice in Kaloum. Arriving at the Ministry of Justice, these women first sang the national anthem of Guinea, before singing in chorus: “Justice for our dead” or “free Ibrahima Sory Camara”. As a reminder, Ibrahima Sory is charged with broadcasting a video on the social network Facebook. For there to be peace in a country, there must be justice. They asked the justice minister Cheick Sako to take the necessary steps to identify and prosecute the perpetrators and sponsors of the crimes committed during the political demonstrations. “We are coming to you, Minister of Justice, to help us know who is killing our children. It is not a party that is here, nor an ethnicity. They are mothers who give life who are here. It hurts us to see our children being killed in the street like chickens by those who are supposed to protect and defend us. We come humbly to you to say that we are fed up and that must stop now. We are all Guineans, we have nowhere to go. We call on your responsibility and hope that you will hear us, Open the eyes and look at what is happening in the country,” said Mrs Bah Maimouna Diallo, spokeswoman for the protesters
n his response, Mr. Cheick Sako first said that these women are not those of the opposition, but Guineans for short. “As Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, I do not see opposition women in front of me. For me they are Guineans. It is necessary that in this country we go beyond the political divisions. “he said.
He reassures that the law will be enforced against those who break the laws, whoever they are: “As Minister of Justice, I am in my country to enforce the law against anyone, including your supporters and those of the ruling party. ”
Then he promised to respond to the women in writing and said that every time someone died, there is the opening of a judicial inquiry. “Concerning your request, I will answer you in writing on all the cases of deaths, that I bow to the bereaved families. Whenever there has been death of a man in our country, at the judicial level, and here I tell you forcefully, there is information that is open, “said Mr. Sako.
He also announced the opening of the trial of police captain Kaly Diallo on 29 March. The captain is accused of firing on Thierno Hamidou Diallo in Bambeto during the opposition march of 16 August 201

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