4 people shot dead and at least 12 injured during political demonstration.

les 4 MORTS

On Wednesday 14th March the Guinean oppostion organized a political demonstration to protest against electoral holp up held by Apha Conde’s regime during the communical and local elections on February 4th 2018. Opposition parties accused the regime of compelling the Independant Electoral Commission to alter the ballot boxes results in favour of the ruling politcal and its allies ( R P G Arc en Ciel). Over the demostration 4 people were shot down by gendarmes
Among the 4 people 3 were young boys aged between 20 and 26 years. As for the woman she was 31, married and had 5 children. She was selling brochettes near her house in Hamdallaye when she receiced a bullot in her back. These people were shot down by genedarmes. It is noticealbe that
the 4 people (Boubacar Barry, Mamadou bailo Diallo,  Mamadou saidou Diallo and Mariam bah) belong to the same Fulani Ethnic group. They were burried in Bambeto graveyard on Monday 19th March 2018 . The burial was attended by the oppostion leaders lead by Cellou Dalein DIALLO. Soon after the inhumation, the Head of the Oppostion Cellou Dalein delivered a speech to the militants. He asked to stand for their rights.
Previously, another demonstration against the closing of due to teachers strike took place on Monday12th in the whole country mostly in Conakry. People erected barricades and marched downtown with sign where it was written Alpa Zero but nobody has been killed. Since 2010, the beginning of Alpha Condé’s power al least 94 Fulani people had been shot down by the police and gendarmerie during political demonstrations. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and other human rights activists codemned the political violences and fierceness against this ethnic group. Some even talk about a planed genocide.

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