Opposition Leaders held a meeting in Conakry on July 16th

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Cellou Dalein Diallo and his opposition peers led a meeting in kaloum to denounce the bad governance and demand local elections that people have been waiting since 2005. Civil society does not intend to be on the sidelines of the crisis of confidence that In Guinean society. They call for denouncing the ambitions of the head of state’s willing to amend the Constitution to allow Alpha Conde to run for a third term.

The mobilization against the delay in the execution of the political agreements, signed last year between the ruling party and the opposition, and against the wishes for a third mandate for Alpha Condé is organized. And it was the opposition that set the tone this Sunday, through a meeting in the administrative and business district of Conakry.

Cellou Dalein Diallo, UDG leaders of Mamadou Sylla and Papa Koly Kourouma’s group, denounced the taints that undermine Guinean society, which are called nepotism, ethnocentrism, corruption, and are a system of government. The opposition and the caciques also denounced in turn the refusal of Alpha Condé, to organize the communal and local elections that have been waiting since 2005. They are unceasingly programmed, but constantly postponed. But also the refusal of the regime to compensate the families of victims of political demonstrations, whose list is now more than 80 people since April 2011.

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