Alpha Conde’s government demolished buildings in Demoudoula during the rainy season and made thousands of homeless.

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Last month (June), the Guinean head of state visited this place subject to controversy for some time. At the end of his visit, President Alpha Condé ordered the cessation of anarchic construction on the riverbed and ordered the demolition of all the buildings already built to avoid flooding in other distant places.
 After the identification and marking of the buildings built on the bed of the stream of Demoudoula classified forest, the authorities started on Thursday July 13, 2017 the operation of dismantling.

According to a communiqué issued by the Minister of Town and Country Planning, the anarchic constructions on the bed of the river of Demodula have been marked.

“Following the floods recorded in Kaporo rails in June, the anarchic and illegal structures located in the bed of the Demoudoula river have been marked by our technical services, with a view to their demolition, to avoid The repetition of such an event and to ensure the protection of the riparian populations and their property.

This marking operation will be followed by a release from Thursday, July 13, 2017. So we ask all concerned to release the premises no later than Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

To the attention of those who are not going to execute, in addition to the demolition of their buildings, legal proceedings could be instituted against them in accordance with the urban planning code “.

the administrative and military authorities are requested to facilitate the completion of the contents of this communiqué”.

inhabitants of the slope of Demoudoula watched their buildings go in ruins! Machines of the Guinean military engineer and of the Ministry of Housing, under close supervision of the national gendarmerie Units demolished those “beautiful” buildings that fell under the blows of the shovels.

located in the high outskirts of Conakry, Demoudoula basin is between the hills of Nongo and Nassouroullaye. As a non-built heritage of the State, this zone bordered by a large river shelters several pumping stations of the Society of the waters of Guinea (SEG) which are threatened with pollution and disappearance and a forest completely non-existent.

Children who do not understand much about what happens amuse themselves between the rubble and smile at the passers-by unlike their parents. At the sight of our objective (camera and dictaphone), a fifty year old ordered us not to film it because it will not serve any more since it is the effort of a lifetime that has gone ruined.

More conciliatory, but also suspicious that his predecessor, Mouctar Diallo confides to us in these terms: “My family and I had nothing more to do in Conakry. This house was offered to me by one of my brothers who lives in the West, today all his efforts have fallen to nothing, “confides Mouctar eyes reddened by tears.
The Guinean opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo, who visited Demoudoula on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, denounced the way in which the Guinean state is clearing the citizens accused of having built on a reserved area. The leader of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea strongly condemns this decision by the government.

“There has been a massive destruction of private buildings. I will not argue about the legality or the legitimacy of the operation since I do not have all the elements. On the other hand, I find it unacceptable to carry out such destruction during this period of heavy rain and especially under the conditions where the operation was carried out. I listened to the testimony of the victims. There was no warning, “criticized the opponent, testifying that among the victims there were those who could only save their heads from their own house which they had occupied for many years.

“We have a tradition of violence in this country, it has to change. Guineans were there who built barracks, beautiful villas. If it is considered that for the protection of the environment, or for reasons of public utility, they must be disentangled, it must be done with the humanism that this requires (preventing, sensitizing the occupants) then see the opportunity ‘Compensation,’ says the former Prime Minister.

Cellou Dalein Diallo pointed out that the law prohibits the displacement of a citizen from 15 June to 15 October. “It is stated in our laws that from June 15 to October 15, a landlord does not have the right to disloge a tenant because it is the period of the great rains. So I do not see the opportunity to do this now in the rainy season under the conditions that have been made … We strongly condemn this way of doing things, “the opponent further stresses that the way this operation Was conducted resembles “an army of occupation”.

“It is inadmissible to treat like this Guinean citizens in their own country,” denounces the president of UFDG. To the question of whether he envisages a humanitarian action for the victims who sleep out in the open stars , Cellou Dalein Diallo announced that after the observation, the party will draw the consequences on all the plans, without More details.

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