Guinea threatened with sanctions by US because of human beings trafficking.

The US State Department released on Tuesday (June 27th) its 2017 Report on Countries in which Human Traffickings are Still Raging. Guinea is mentioned in the short-list of countries blacklisted by the Donald Trump Administration.

In Africa, six countries are classified in the most dangerous level of human trafficking, termed “tier3”. In this dark picture are the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mali, Guinea, the Comoros, the Central African Republic and Burundi. These countries are accused of allowing the phenomenon of child soldiers, forced labor and sexual trafficking to flourish.

The United States does not tolerate this practice. Trafficking in human beings is one of the most tragic human rights issues of our time, writes Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State.

“It distorts global markets, violates the rule of law and stimulates other transnational criminal activities. It threatens public safety and national security. But worse, this crime deprives human beings of their freedom and dignity. That is why we must put an end to the scourge of trafficking in human beings. Today, we are taking another key step towards this goal. The 2017 Report on Trafficking in Persons highlights the successes and challenges that remain before us on this important global issue, “writes Rex Tillerson in a message posted on the US State Department website.

The United States recommends better legislation on trafficking in persons and the denunciation of groups using child soldiers. If necessary, Washington could undertake sanctions against countries classified at Tier 3 level.

These sanctions range from restricting American assistance to stopping cultural or educational exchanges with the United States. The Government of Guinea has not yet reacted to this report, which, moreover, sounds like a disgust.

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