Six young Guinean musicians died in a tragic accident.


A terrible accident had killed one of the best hope of guinean R&B Yamoussa Dioumessy alias the R&B Lord.
The car carrying the musician with 5 members of his group was hit by a truck that came in the opposite direction in saraya village 60 km away from Kouroussa Prefecture in the east of Guinea . These musicans were going to Kankan to hold a concert during the Ramadan feast.No member of the mission survived. They all died on the spot. Before the artists’ car, the truck hit violently a cow which was wandering on the road.
The bodies were transported to the morgue of kouroussa prefectoral hospital before being evacuated for conakry.
Yamoussa Dioumessy was preparing to release his first R&B album. That is why he was supposed to go to south africa in the next 2 months. With his 4 songs and 2 video clips on youtube the one called himself the R&B LORD in comparson to his compatriot Soul Bang’s who calls himself the R&B BOSS , was real talent. “He told me that but at first i did not believe him. In the past, i had even neglected to to gauge his willingness to follow in the footsteps of great artists never abandoning. His talent suprised me afterwards ̈. Said his big brother Souleymane Dioumessy himself manager of artists. He really likes Soul Bang’s and wanted to do like him ; added his big brother.
The graduate in MIAG has revealed mainly to the guinean public with his clip Marafanyi ( love in sousou language) . With this song he won the first musical prize in 2016. prize awarded by Evasion Guinea, a private television. According to his close relations Dioumessy was preselected for Africa has an incredible talent of the television Channel A+.

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