The Guinean writer Thierno Monénembo rewarded by the French Academy.

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he great Guinean writer Tierno Monénembo, winner of the Renaudot Prize in 2008, was distinguished onThursday by the most prestigious award of the Académie française(French Academy), the Grand Prix de la francophonie.

The novelist, author of the “Black Terrorist” story about the life of Addi Bâ, a Guinean Fulani, a hero of the French Resistance, a member of the first Maquis of the Vosges and shot by the Nazis in 1943, is also known for having denounced The silence of the international community after the massacre of more than 150 civilians by the army in September 2009 in Conakry.

“Guinea is dying, the world has the right to know it, the world has the duty to be indignant. Guineans deserve the compassion of other nations,” the writer wrote in a column published by Le Monde Newspaper affirming ” Guinea is dying, and fifty years of independence, fifty years of hell. ”

Author of a dozen works, mostly published in Seuil, Thierno Monénembo, 69, a great voice of African literature, has a unique style alternating gravity and lightness.

The Grand Prix de la Francophonie is endowed with 30,000 euros.

In total, the French Academy has established a list of 63 distinctions.

Among the honored figures are the actor Philippe Caubère, theater prize and the singer Gérard Manset rewarded with the Grande médaille de la chanson française(French Song Award).

The writer Charles Juliet, 82, received the Grand Prize for Literature for his entire work while the Franco-Lebanese cardiologist François Boustani received the Grande médaille de la francophonie.

Filmmaker Stéphane Brizé, director of “La loi du marché”, was awarded the Prix du Cinéma René Clair. Nathacha Appanah, a noted author of the novel “Tropic of Violence” on the tragedy of the kwassa-kwassa between Comoros and Mayotte, received the Anna de Noailles Prize.

On the poetry side, the big prize was awarded to the Haitian poet Anthony Phelps for his entire work.

Every year, the Académie française awards its prizes in all fields of culture provided they make use of the French language.

The best known of its awards, the Grand Prize of the novel of the French Academy, will be awarded as usual this fall.


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