More than 161 Guinean migrants arried from Libya through IOM support.

arrival of guinean migrants

On Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 6:20 pm the special flight chartered by the IOM Libya landed at the Conakry-Gbessia airport, aboard, 161 Guinean migrants, including 4 unaccompanied minors, 5 women and 6 children .

These migrants, who have applied for IOM assistance to return voluntarily to Guinea, are among the many Guineans living in irregular situations in Libya, often in difficult conditions. Some were imprisoned in the Ghreian and Alsika detention centers.
The charter flight left Mitiga airport in Tripoli, and arrived in Conakry the same evening. IOM conducted pre-departure interviews, medical examinations and facilitated the issuance of exit visas for all passengers. Migrants have also received additional assistance in the form of kits, including clothing and footwear.
Among the passengers Alpha , 15 years. He recounts being a taxi driver in Abidjan before deciding to leave.
After coming to greet his father in Guinea, he took the desert road towards Algeria, then finally Libya where he was arrested and thrown into prison. He spent 11 months there before being assisted by IOM.
Another one, Moussa is 17 years old, he left Guinea with 3 of his friends high school students like him. Today he is happy to return home after a very trying stay in Libya. He bursts into tears on seeing his big sister coming to greet him at the airport.
Sona , a wrapper seller, left alone with her child without informing her husband. She was sure of being able to reach Europe, convinced by a ferryman that the journey would be simple. She
was imprisoned for several months until IOM was able to help her return home. Her husband
Remained in Guinea, she was impatient to find him finally.
The teams of IOM Guinea, SENAH (National Service for Humanitarian Affairs), representatives of the Ministry of Guineans Abroad and Ministry of Social Action, were at the airport to welcome them.
The returning migrants were under cares of IOM Guinea, which provided them with food to eat before registering them and profiling each one. These questionnaires will then enable IOM to better understand the profile of irregular migrants, to learn more about the reasons for their departure, their migratory path and their living conditions in Libya.
After this profiling step, IOM gave each migrant an envelope of 50 € equivalent, as a secondary transport charge to reach their final destination, while waiting to study their case and thus be able to make alternative proposals , To ensure their sustainable reintegration in Guinea within three months of their arrival, as part of the program “Strengthening Governance of Migration and Support for the Sustainable Reintegration of Migrants in the Republic of Guinea” Trust fund of the European Union. At the same time, IOM provides psycho-social support to vulnerable migrants and, where necessary, additional support to ensure that their immediate needs are addressed. Returning migrants residing in Conakry were able to return directly to their homes, while others from different parts of Guinea were accommodated for one night by SENAH at the Matam Transit Center. They will then be able to reach their final destination.

Since early 2017 (to 6 June), IOM Libya has assisted 4,443 stranded migrants to return to their countries of origin.

Of these, 833 were eligible for reintegration assistance. The flight arrived on Tuesday was the fourth since early 2017 organized by the IOM for Guinean migrants from Libya (the first three involved 298 people). It is in addition to the returns of other Guinean nationals from Benin, Cameroon, Egypt, Morocco and Niger, also stranded in their migratory path.

The project “Strengthening the Governance of Migration and Support for the Reintegration of Migrants in the Republic of Guinea” is a joint initiative between IOM and the European Union Trust Fund. Launched in April 2017, it will be implemented over a period of 3 years and will cover 6 administrative regions of Guinea: Conakry, Boké, Mamou, Labé, Kankan and N’Nzérékoré. As part of this project, IOM Guinea will assist returning migrants, depending on their profile and needs, making it possible to create a small business, involvement in a collective and / or community entrepreneurial initiative, ‘Professional training.

The names of migrants have been changed to protect their privacy.

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