After 5 days of strike followed by an agreement signed with the trade union, banks reopened on Tuesday.


FESABAG (Autonomous Trade Union Federation of Banks and Insurance Companies of Guinea) and the Professional Association of Banks (APB) reached an agreement late in the night of Monday to Tuesday May 30, 2017, thanks to strong mediation by the Prime Minister Mamady Youla. The union on strike under the agreement announced the suspension of their movement.

Here is what the parties agreed to.


Date: May 15-29, 2017

Places: BCRG and Primature


The Professional Association of Banks (APB) represented by:

Mr. Manga Fodé Touré, President of the APB;

Mr Mamadou PONA, 2nd Vice President;

Mr. Fondjo Guy LAURENT, Member;

Mr. Sidy Mohamed CHERIF, Member

Mr. Cherif DRAME, member.

                                                         On one hand ;

And the Trade Union Federation of Banks and Insurance of Guinea (FESABAG) represented by: Mr. Abdoulaye SOW, Secretary General;

Mrs Marie Yvonne KOUMBASSA, 1st Deputy Secretary General;

Mr Alpha BALDE, 2nd Deputy Secretary General;

Mr. Abdoul Gadiry DIALLO, 1st Secretary In charge of negotiations and claims;

Mr. Makhoudia SENE, 2nd Secretary for Negotiations and Claims.

                                                        On the other hand ;

Under the aegis of His Excellency the Prime Minister Mamady YOULA accompanied by:

Mr Damantang Albert CAMARA, Minister in Charge of Labor;

Mr Lounceny NABE, Governor of the BCRG

With the mediation of the General Labor Inspectorate represented by:

Dr Alia CAMARA, Inspector General of Labor;

Ms. Faber Zenab CAMARA, Deputy General Inspector of Labor;

Mr. Moussa Bandjougou BERETE, Assistant;

Mr. Amara CAMARA, Assistant.

After exchanges and discussions between the parties followed by broad advice from the Prime Minister, it was agreed and agreed as follows:

1-Raising the monetary value of the index point


The parties agree to increase the general level of wages as follows:

Ø From 1 January to 30 June 2017 at 9,000 points;

Ø From 1 July to 31 December 2017 at 10,000 points.

This means an average increase of 16.9% over the year 2017. This increase will have an impact of 5% on the wage level for 2018.

In order to safeguard the social tranquility and guarantee jobs in the Guinean financial system, the parties agree to reorganize the frequency of negotiations as follows:

Ø 2018, correction of inflation taking account of the 5% increase;

Ø 2019, internal negotiations;

Ø 2020, based on the inflation rate.

Ø 2021, internal negotiation.

2- Compulsory supplementary pension

Resolution: In accordance with the 1995 agreement, the parties agree to the introduction of compulsory supplementary pension in each bank on the basis of internal negotiations.

3- Payment of medical evacuation costs.


 The parties agree on the principle of assuming the costs of medical evacuation of employees and their families on the basis of internal negotiations.

4-Revaluation of premiums, allowances and allowances


 The parties agree that tuition fees, Labor Day 1 May, union mission allowance and leave allowance remain unchanged for the time being and will be negotiated as of 04 July 2017 under the mediation of the General Inspection And other allowances not discussed in these negotiations. On the other hand, the payment of Tabaski go from 1,100,000 to 1,500,000; Of Ramadan from 500,000 to 600,000; Of Christmas 500,000 to 600,000 and Maouloud 120,000 to 300,000 GNF.

5-Define the working relationship between Burval Company and the Guinean banking sector:


On this point the Governor of the BCRG undertakes to collect information from his counterparts in the Franc Zone in order to clarify the status of similar companies with a view to taking appropriate measures.

6-Compliance with the expatriation deadlines:


With regard to this issue, the Government invites banks to strictly comply with the relevant regulations and commits the General Labor Inspectorate to carry out checks to this effect.

7- Correct and complete application of the Collective Agreement signed in 2004 between the PDB and FESABAG
Resolution: The PDB undertakes to respect strictly the provisions contained in the said Convention, especially in its classification by Diploma.

In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code, it was held that no one will be harassed and punished for strike action.

Finally, the parties are pleased with the spirit of responsibility that characterized these negotiations and are committed to strict compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

Done at Conakry on 29 May 2017

Have signed



Mr. Abdoulaye SOW Mr. Manga Fodé TOURE

Secretary General President


For the BCRG For the mediation


Dr Lounceny NABE Dr. Alia CAMARA,

Governor BCRG For mediation Inspector General of Labor



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