At least 21 dead in a road accident in Dubreka about 50 km away from Conakry.

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At least 21 people died Saturday in Guinea in the collision between a truck and a minibus near Dubreka, north of Conakry, according to the latest report released on Sunday by the police and a trade union of carriers.

The overcrowded minibus was crushed by the truck carrying sand at the time of the accident, near this city located about 50 kilometers from Conakry, according to an AFP journalist and witnesses.

“The death toll on Saturday near Dubreka was at least 21 dead, including twelve women,” said police chief of police, Commissioner Babacar Sarr, with 33 injured.

According to him, the minibus was “crowded”, with passengers up to “on the luggage rack”. These travelers were going to a wedding in Fria (about 150 km north of Conakry).

The driver of the minibus “made a dangerous overtaking near Dubréka”, his vehicle “came face to face with a truck carrying sand and the worst happened,” he said.

Balaké Diallo, the general secretary of the regional transporters’ union, joined AFP by telephone and confirmed the accident.

“More than ten deaths at the scene of the accident, we have recorded more deaths among the injured, bringing the number to 21 dead at the moment,” Diallo said.

He was not in a position to indicate the number of wounded, who were evacuated to various hospitals in Dubreka and Conakry.

The director of Dubreka hospital, Dr Sékouba Bakayoko, told the national radio that his establishment had received several seriously injured, among which “cases of serious fractures”.

In a statement released Saturday night, the Guinean government expressed its “deep emotion” and “deep affliction”. He reminded all road users of the urgent need to observe the basic rules of road safety.

The main opposition party, the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), expressed its “consternation” in a communique on Sunday, and decided “to cancel all the events planned on Sunday on the occasion of the Return to Conakry of its president, “former Prime Minister Cellou Dalein Diallo, who has toured several provinces in Forest Guinea and Upper Guinea since mid-April.

Guinea deplores many road accidents, usually due to the poor condition of roads and vehicles, and to the carelessness of drivers.

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