Toumba Diakité extradited and detained in the central prison of Conakry.


Commander Aboubacar Sidiki Diakité also known as Toumba was extradited from Dakar to Conakry on Sunday evening. The former aide-de-camp of Moussa Dadis Camara was arrested in December 2016 by the Senegalese security services, after seven years of cavalry.
Aboubacar Sidiki Diakité was reportedly detained at Conakry Central Prison, located in Kaloum the administrative and business center of the city of Conakry, on suspicion of involvement in the massacre of 28 September 2009, which killed 150 people, according to human rights organizations.
Toumba Diakité arrived in Conakry around 7 pm on board a regular Brussels Airlines flight accompanied by Yaya Kairaba Kaba, General Counsel of Conakry Court of Appeal .

Sidy Souleymane N’diaye, who is the editor of the extradition request, is a public prosecutor of the Dixinn Court of First Instance, a ” competent court”. He explains that “Toumba Diakité will be presented to a judge who will conduct a preliminary investigation in accordance with national legislation”. “I welcome the cooperation of the Senegalese authorities,” the prosecutor added.
The FIDH (international federation of human rights) and its Guinean representatives welcomed the approach. For them, the extradition of Toumba Diakité “constitutes a powerful signal in favor of the fight against impunity in West Africa”. The same reaction within the Avipa (association of victims, relatives and friends of September 28), for which the extradition and imprisonment of Diakité “demonstrate that the Guinean justice has the will to tackle the impunity and To organize a credible and expected trial “.
Me Baba Diop, the Senegalese lawyer of Toumba Diakité denounces for his part a violation of the procedure and maintains that his client was expelled and not extradited. The procedure was to be suspended until the Senegalese Supreme Court examined his appeal, the lawyer said. Prosecutor Sidy Souleymane N’diaye replied that “Guinea only drafted and sent the request for extradition, on time. The proceedings took place in Senegal and were conducted by the Senegalese judicial authorities “.
Me Diop had on December 29 declared that his customer did not wish to be extradited to his country “for security reasons”.
The Guinean military was wanted for his alleged involvement in the slaughter of 157 people and the rape of 106 women perpetrated on 28 September 2009 by soldiers in the stadium in Conakry where gathered thousands of opponents to the presidential candidacy of Moussa Dadis Camara, head of the military junta who led Guinea from 2008 to the end of 2009.
On 3rd December 2009, Toumba Diakité attempted to assassinate Dadis Camara, of whom he was the aide-de-camp, reproaching him for wanting to make him bear the full responsibility for the massacre.
According to the Senegalese security forces, Toumba Diakité “was hidden in Senegal for five years”, having “completely changed face” and identifying himself in his neighborhood as “Aboubacar Barry”.

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