Seven dead, many private properties robbed and destroyed during students’ demonstrations on Monday and Tuesday.

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At least seven people were killed Monday and Tuesday in Conakry, capital of Guinea, during demonstrations provoked by a teachers’ strike in a country where social tensions have resulted in murderous violence during previous work stoppages.
The main Guinean teachers’ union launched a strike on 6 February to protest the government’s decision to eliminate or reduce the salaries of auxiliary teachers after the last recruitment competition.
Many students took to the streets to support their teachers. They erected barricades and burnt tires.
On Monday morning, a group of assailants attacked a police station and protesters clashed with gendarmes in several neighborhoods of Conakry, witnesses said.
Five dead and several injured
“In the middle of the day, these demonstrations unfortunately caused the deaths of five people,” the government said in a statement calling these protest movements “illegal and forbidden”.
At least 30 other people were injured, the government added, including members of the security forces. Twelve people were arrested. Among them were many human rights activists.
According to witnesses, three of the people killed were killed by bullets. The information could not be verified independently.
A government spokesman announced Monday evening that an agreement had been reached with the teachers’ union. This agreement is considered as a betrayal by the union leaders who signed it without the approval of the teachers.
In the evening the reggea singer Elie Kamano arrested on Sunday was released.
On Tuesday demonstrations continued and in some areas of Conakry. Demonstrators barricaded the roads in Cosa and Bambeto. There were big clashes between demonstrators and the police. Two people were killed by bullets shot by the security forces during these demonstrations and Bambeto petrol station had been vandalized.
During these 2 days of demonstrations many shops had been robbed and destroyed by bandits protected by security services.
This Wednesday demonstrations are still continuing in some areas of Conakry mainly from bambeto to Cosa.

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