The famous Guinean reggae singer Elie Kamano arrested by Cosa gendarmerie because of his threats to support teachers’ strike.


On Sunday 19 February 2017, Guinean artist Elie Kamano was arrested by a gendarmerie unit. According to testimonies gathered on the spot, the gendarmes made warning shots to dissuade young people who had come to the rescue of the artist before getting hold of reggae man.
According to our information, the artist was arrested and forcibly sent by the gendarmes. To oppose this arrest, several groups of young people met in order to stop the police. But they were deterred by warning shots.
For the moment, the palpable motives of this arrest remain unknown by public opinion. However, it should be remembered that artist Elie Kamano was recently in the various media to denounce the closure of schools, the lack of responsibility of the authorities, and he suggested that he would massively mobilize young people in the streets of Conakry within 48 hours if consensus has not been reached between trade unionists and government to demand the reopening of secondary schools, primary, vocational and university. These are still locked following the joint decision of the departments in charge of Education.
For the moment, the crisis is far from being defused. The strike continues and students are still obliged to stay at home.
As a reminder, the artist said that he would use his rights to protest peacefully and vigorously against the authorities’ decision to close schools.
In the evening of Sunday, 19 February 2017, Boussouriou Diallo, a human rights activist, told that the artist Elie Kamono had already been auditioned by a commander and that he would spend the night at PM3. But his friends and a member of the collective, Voice of the People, are already calling for a large mass meeting tomorrow Monday in front of the PM3 to demand his release.
“We are a collective called” Voice of the People “to demand the reopening of classes. Even yesterday we were meeting in Commandanya with Elie Kamano, coordinating the students of Guinea, the parliament of the young leaders of Guinea, civil society activists and human rights NGOs ” , Said Mr. Diallo.
According to the human rights activist and member of this group, “during this meeting, the coordination of pupils and students maintained its march from Dixinn to the Prime Minister. The “Voice of the People” movement was to organize a sit-in in front of the three Ministries of Education. During this meeting, in Commandanya, Elie Kamano received a text message inviting her to meet contractual teachers. At this meeting, his interlocutors told him that the strike is suspended, “said Boussiriou Diallo.
At last this Sunday, Elie Kamano was arrested at 1 pm, “without a warrant and without convocation” to be led to PM3. “The commander who interviewed him told him that it was the public prosecutor who made a self-identification following his communication with Les Grandes Gueules (of the radio Espace Fm, ed.) In which he would have made statements calling To the rebellion, “said the human rights activist who was at PM3 to support the artist.
Finally, Mr. Boussiriou Diallo reports that the question of the commander of the gendarmerie who asked Elie Kamano “as he spoke” on Espace Fm, the artist reportedly said that he spoke as a parent, Stating that he is paying school fees for his children who are now the victims of school closure.

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