Guinean Teachers are on strike since Monday 6th February 2017.

teachers A G in Labé

The strike started on Monday 6th February. It is lead by the Trade Unions of the education sector. A few days before the beginning of the strike the ministers in charge of education gave students 13 days of holiday. This school leave given by the government is considered by teachers as a way to boycott the strike.
The Trade Union Federation of Teaching Professionals / Free Trade Union of Teachers of Guinea (FSPE / SLECG), which launched a strike call again calls all teachers researchers and workers of the education system to keep the strike call on Monday 13 February 2017.

In a document it is stated that “the trade union of the education system notes with bitterness the strategy of dividing and reigning used by the school and university administration to bring back counterpart teachers and Contractors by letting them know that the only essential pledge of their care to the Civil Service remains the physical presence in the schools and universities on Monday 13 February 2017 ».

 “Dear teachers researchers and workers, the time is serious (…), let us stand to defend our gain obtained in the blood in 2006 (strike of the unions during the reign of Lansana Conté). Only education can defend the interests of workers in general, especially those of the education system, “said the spokesman.
During the general assembly of the trade union the slogan was “General Lansana Conté gave but Professor ALPHA Condé withdrew.”
After the violent demonstrations against the lack of teachers in several schools in Conakry and in some of the towns in the interior of the country, the Government granted the pupils a ten-day leave. According to pre-university education authorities, the purpose of this leave is to allow new teachers to return to their duty stations.
On Monday 13th the strike was widely followed the teachers. Students who went to schools without seeing any tacher held a big demonstration in Conakry. They burnt tires and blocked the traffic. Uncontrolled youths ruled on the road Bambéto-Cosa following the students’ demonstration on the Fidel Castro highway, young people came out to disrupt the traffic. From 11 a m until late in the evening.

The police who come to restore the circulation have not been able to control the young people who were armed with pebbles. The two groups all use stones, chase each other like cats and dogs.

At Koloma-market, demonstrators dumped garbage on the road. There were also places where they barricaded the road with woods and large pebbles. On the ramp that enters the neighborhood, still in Koloma-market, the youngsters have barred this axis with a concrete pole that was lying next to it.
There is no activity on Cosa Bambeto section. Shops and stores remained padlocked. Even the small business had closed.
 Asked about the motive for this movement, the young people say that it is because of the lack o teachers in the schools.
On Tuesday clashes continued in many areas in Conakry during the day. In a release read on the national radio and TV Alpha Condé invite the trade union and the government to a meeting for negotiations at Sekoutoureya Palace on Wednesday 15th at 3 p.m.

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