Students organized a big demonstration in Kaloum to protest against the lack of teachers at schools.


The lack of teachers in secondary and high schools resulted into a big demonstration of students. This situation was due to the failure of many part time teachers during the recrutement test organized by the ministries of education and public civil service despite their experience. These teachers decied to give up classes.
At least one person was injured in the skirmishes that took place on Thursday 26 January 2017 in downtown Kaloum. A student who received a sotne on her head was injured.

On Thursday morning, hundreds of students stormed the main streeets of Kaloum to demand the dismissal of the Minister of Pre-university Teaching and Civic Education. These students accuse Dr Ibrahima Kourouma of having “unfairly dismissed” some of their supervisors.

At the new headquarters of the Department of Pre-university Education, material damage is significant. Before the arrival of the police, several windows and other materials were broken by the demonstrators.
there was strong tension in Kaloum on Thursday 26th . After ransacking the premises of the Municipal Directorate of Education students stoned the Ministry of Education and burned tires.
A situation that created enormous traffic jams in the administrative center of the capital. Meanwhile, at the same time in the other schools, the courses were interrupted in the disorganization. Students and teachers have left the classroom in confusion.
Several cases of arrest have been reported among the students. The agents of the mobile security and intervention company arrested several students.

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