UFDG Leader Cellou Dalein Diallo held a big meeting on Sunday 20 November 2016 in Kaloum.


The main opposition party UFDG (Union of Democratic Forces) held a big meeting at Boulevard Diallo in Kaloum. Thousands of militants rallied to this meeting area to listen to president Alpha conde’s main opponent and show the greatness of their party.

It was a great mobilization real show of force in kaloum.

At the beginning of his speech, the leader of the Guinean opposition spoke about the success of this demonstration: “A few years ago, people thought that the commune of Kaloum was one of their impregnable bastion for UFDG Party. But today, everyone has understood that Kaloum is in the hands of the UFDG, “he introduced under the handclapping of the populations.

Returning to the old practices of buying the consciences of the young people of Kaloum with rice and a few bank notes, the President of the UFDG continues: “From tomorrow you will see money Because the power has understood, it will try to redeem you. Take the money, but do not change position. Take the rice, take the money. You have been deceived three times, four times … Now it’s your turn to deceive the power. Take the money and rice and vote for UFDG, “said Cellou Dalein Diallo.

Speaking of the endemic unemployment of the young people of the peninsula, President Cellou Dalein Diallo promised to put an end to it: “We will bring KALOUM young people out of chronic unemployment and inactivity because the tactic of power has always been to deprive Kaloum young people of employment, but to come on the eve of the elections with money and rice. From the day after the elections, you do not see them anymore. ”

For the leader of the UFDG, not everyone can be rich or have buildings, but every Guinean should live with dignity by having a dwelling down, a job down and having enough to feed their family. “Now you have to think about what happened in the past. You cannot live with dignity when you are dependent on someone, “he said.

In front of the militants, Cellou Dalein Diallo demanded a special care for certain jobs because, says he, all the city is invaded by buildings and the young people of Kaloum have no employment: We find solutions so that the young people and women of Kaloum live with dignity. The UFDG will make all the arrangements for the young people of Kaloum to help to find a job. It’s not about giving you rice, but about helping you to oversee yourself, “he said.





                         Mamadou Dian Donghol Diallo.

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