GBM Group Plans to Launch a new Guinean airline Company.


The Business Marketing Group (GBM), led by the wealthy Guinean businessman Antonio Souaré, owner of the lottery company Guinea Games and president of a football club called Horoya AC, announced this weekend the launching of a new national airline called Guinea Airlines.

A company which, for the beginning will organize domestic flights to link the provincial capitals of Guinea before projecting to the sub-regional and international airspace. According to the first announcements made by the leaders of the group which announces that the future investment framework should include the Chinese partners for the modernization of the airport facilities of the Guinean capital and intervene in the fleet construction.

The National Director of Civil Aviation gave more information on this project. However, the managing director of the management group, Soufiane Souaré who is the group’s managing director and vice-chairman of the board of directors of the football club said that at the moment this project is in the study phase.

As a remembrance, since the dissolution of the Guinean national airline Air Guinea in 2002, it was taken over by Mamadou Sylla of Futurelec Holding yet This privatization did not last long because the company went bankruptcy afterwards. Since then, Guinea has not yet relaunched its national company. Even if announcements made by the Minister of Transport leave the revival of Air Guinea, with the support of Rwanda Air’s expertise, was possible before the end of the year. This seems in fact impossible.




                      Mamadou Dian Donghol Diallo.

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