The aim of EITI is Promoting public awareness about how countries manage their oil, gas and bauxite, diamond, gold and other mineral resources.


The launching ceremony of 2014-2015 reports of the independent administrator took place on Thursday, October 20th, 2016, between the different members of EITI Guinea from different sectors, national and international experts.

But to get there, the statement of the amounts paid is fundamental. Asked about the importance of the declaration form to be met by mining companies operating in our country, responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of personnel and training of EITI Guinea, Mr. Rene Maurice Sylla, said it is an obligatory way for every company. “The form is a compulsory way to produce the report. If there is no declaration form, we cannot make the amounts reconstitution that mining companies pay to guinea. The administration also must prove with evidence that mining companies have given such amount. So it is from these forms you can have all the information necessary to bring together the data and know whether it is effective that such amount is paid by the mining company and the service of the State has received the same amount. If there is a difference, we find out the gap and determine the responsibility. We cannot produce an EITI report without the filled form, “he said.

Therefore, Mr. Sylla recommends training of administrative staff, companies and anyone using these amounts. “We want all these entities to be able to fulfil properly these reporting forms. So we organize a training of these actors, “he recommended.

To the question of whether it is an obligation for all companies to report their payments to the government, the responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of employees and training EITI Guinea is categorical: “there were two decrees including one by Prime Minister, requiring all government departments to declare fees that mining companies have had paid as tax to the Customs, taxes and to the country Fund. It is an obligation. The second order is that of the Minister of Mining which requires all mining companies to declare what they pay to Guinean State. It is an obligation as well, “He insisted.

Regarding the difficulties EITI is meeting in the exercise of their duties, Mr. Rene Maurice Sylla does not complain too much. “We have no major difficulties. Companies that do not have the right information, we sensitize and tell them that it’s in their favour. It is true that mining companies perform correctly; on the other side we wonder if communities that receive these amounts are able to give the right information. “He asked.




Mamadou  Dian Donghol Diallo

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