Humanitarian: Help for Thierno Malal Diallo who has a facial tumour.

Thierno Malal

The association of Guinean English teachers was created a few years. Its aim is to is promote and ease the English language teaching in GUINEA. The association has many programs in order to reach its objectives:  organising meetings, seminars, workshops, trainings and class visits, looking for scholarships for teachers.

Each year, after the baccalaureate marking Guinean English teachers organise a big meeting at INRAP in order to discuss about problems encountered in English teaching during the school year and sort out these difficulties.  the most important target the association wants to reach is to professionalize English teaching so that teachers can make English more visible in Guinea. So teachers need training in English teaching pedagogy and methodology. It will help to counter those who considered teaching as a dumping job. It is a big challenge that teachers have to come over because is the most important language; it is the most used language in the international conferences in the areas of science and business. It is also the communication and computing language.



Mamadou Dian Donghol Diallo

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