An experimental vaccine against malaria developed.

Scientific research records may be a progress in the fight against malaria according to the results published in Experimental Medicine Newspapers on Monday, July 18. A breakthrough concerning the development of a vaccine company which has so far failed due to the biological complexity of the virus.

Researchers have developed an experimental vaccine by modifying a protein responsible for the immune response in mice. A strategy based on the mutation of the parasite.

“This is the development of a new strain of parasite Plasmodium, we changed a gene that directly controls the immune response of the mouse. Therefore, this parasite will not evolve in a classical way. So, this parasite will induce a protective immune response, which will induce in this mouse long-lasting protection. That is to say that each time the same protected mouse will meet new more virulent parasites, this mouse will be fully protected. Consequently, we can of course talk about vaccine straining. ” said Doctor Sala Mécheri, parasitology expert at Pasteur Research Institute and leader of the team behind this work


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 215 million cases were reported in 2015. Almost 500,000 people died, mostly pregnant women and children. This condition is the most threatening worldwide parasitic disease.

If this vaccine is proven positive, it will be a relief for Africans in general because malaria is most deadly disease in Africa.


Mamadou Dian Donghol Diallo

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