Flood killed 4 children in Conakry.

Flood in Guinea

Last Wednesday it rained heavily in Conakry. Actually it started raining since Tuesday evening and the rain continued until Wednesday night. The 4 sleeping children were trapped in their house by the flood which brought down the walls on them. Unfortunately, their parents were not in and there was nobody to rescue them.  Neighbours who noticed the accident came and tried to save the children by raising the walls but found that they had already lost their lives.  This situation happened in   ENTA NORD a suburb located in the north of Conakry and it was due to the lack of water canals.

Many people could not stand watching the bodies of these 4 children on national and private televisions. It was really sad and pitiful.

Moreover, two other dead people were found in the same area between the railways near a health centre.

That day it rained so heavily that people could hardly go to work because all roads were over flooded.

During the rainy season mostly in July and august which are the rainiest months, heavy rains and flood cause damage and kill at least 10 people every year in Conakry.




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